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i dream of gin(ny)

October 12, 2004

I Dream Feat. Frankie & Calvin – Dreaming
S club juniors (who became s club 8) gain a few members, a tv show, and become I dream; however this song features only two members of I dream, the pretty ones from s club 8 Calvin and Frankie. Confused? You should be. There is clearly some sort of marketing plan in effect – perhaps by extending the s club brand so far that it becomes unrecognisable and differently monikered, they will flummox enough tweeny kids to make the charts? Or perhaps they just don’t know what they’re doing?
This track is a beautiful piece of pop magic; popjustice loves pop music which sounds like dance music, and this does not. But has exactly the type of vocal that would sound awesome over some italo house, a zongamin or headman remix would be incredible. so boys, i'm waiting.
get it quick before they grow up.
Website: I dream official
Buy it from: amazon

Gin palace – cool like an axe
Much vaunted by the artrocker kids, so much so that they’ve put out their first album. The guitarist dude used to be in penthouse (who he still seems intent on promoting). I don’t know much about them except what's available to read on their website.
They sell the same kind of noise as the kills tried to on 'keep on your mean side', but with far more energy and a lot less ego.
Website: + the gin palace +
Buy it from: amazon

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