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flash mobs are rubbish

October 07, 2004

Yesterday I was very excited about going to my first flash mob. I'd found a little page a couple of days earlier promoting a pillow fight on the steps of st. pauls cathedral at twenty to six. I'd been offered the chance to see the super furry animals play a peel session at maida vale at about the same time, but turned it down due to pillow fighting excitement. However arriving at the event I found out that it had been featured in that morning's London paper, and as I turned the corner to st. pauls realised that not only was there loads of pillow fighters standing there, about 150 people were standing around watching, as well as police and a film crew!
to me the point of guerrilla group activities like these it not to create a huge event, into which everybody can join - it is to subvert people's ideas about uses of space, to appear and disappear quickly; creating immediate but finite art. Yesterday's pillow fight was an event, like a performer at covent garden, or a carnival with tombolas, candyfloss and waltzers. So I went home.
Check out what someone else thought about it here.

First of all I’d like to apologise for not posting any songs for a while, frankly I haven’t been inspired enough by anything to unleash it on you lot.
The barbs – massive crush Looking like a cross between kenickie and Gomez, the aesthetic of this band is a confusing mix of pop-punk neon cheesiness and terrible sideburns.
Creating the perfect two-and-a-half-minute pop-punk song is the aim, three chord structures is the game. Download this if you like to be embarrassed by how much you’re enjoying certain music (see: the Detroit cobras). Don’t download this if you’re after post-rock or grime.
Buy it from: loads of places

Jamelia – dj
Jamelia continues her ascent to the british r&b queen position. Nothing's gonna stop her. Not even an ill-advised cash-in-after-the-mobos-single.
Buy it from: amazon

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