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bloc party and busted

October 28, 2004

Bloc party – the marshals are dead
This track was the b-side to ‘She’s hearing voices’ which came out at the start of the year; but with the recent announcement of their debut album title (‘silent alarm’) and the possibility that ‘helicopter’ will be in the uk top 40 this Sunday I think it’s worth a post. The track itself is a mellow number by bloc party standards but the intricacies of the sound and quality of song writing shine through even on an early b-side. If you haven’t heard them Check out their website as there’s a number of tracks available on mp3 there. don’t let the hype put you off.
Website: bloc party
Buy it from: amazon

Busted – teenage kicks (live)
Many mp3-blogs seemed to have posted the undertones to commemorate john peel. John peel would never have played busted, but they’re well worth a listen. best songwriter of our generation? James bourne no question – the kids always know best, don’t dispute it.
Website: busted official
Buy it from: amazon

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