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artrocker mag launch

October 05, 2004

Last night we went to the artrocker magazine launch at the fifth (I think…) marquee. We we’re too late for comanechi, but got there just in time to find out the much lauded French kicks had been added to the bill.
The marquee is a very interesting venue, it’s just above the trl studios in Leicester square, I could almost feel the presence of the great alex zane – He doesn’t have far to go from one job to the other does he, from XFM (in the capital FM building) to the TRL studios and back again.

French kicks came on, they’re quite pretty and impressively flitted between instruments and microphones, it was hard to keep up with who was playing what. However they were quite dull and the crowd realised this very early on. One or two spectators seemed enthusiastic at the start but even they seemed to tire towards the end, perhaps sensing the depressed crowd around them, or perhaps simply realising that French kicks are dull. More sad was the fact that their album was released in Europe on that day, and they were obviously were quite apprehensive about their reception. “thank you very much, you’ve been very polite. You’ve all been very polite” Was their response. Oh dear.
After the show (but before art brut) we went upstairs to the café area to have a soft drink and a sit down and we saw the white shirted guitarist/keyboardist/singer dude sat at the bar on his own with a beer, and then wandering around the café completely ignored by all the people who had just seen them play downstairs.

Art brut top of the pops art brut top of the pops art brut top of the pops. Not much else to say.

We sadly didn’t stay for kaito, but I’ve heard they are good, and the singer girl looks alright in a few photo’s I’ve seen.

Elsewhere: check out Chad’s Prague blog. if he manages to keep updating it, well, I’m sure it’ll be debauched-Dvorák-kafka-Victorian era-but with drugs reading.

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