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October 27, 2004

Swish-girl and I went to the others gig at cargo last night, and I wasn’t entirely enthusiastic about the prospect to be honest, as I think the others are boring self-indulgent old men, with a penchant for dramatic gestures – and how earnest! Swish-girl had told me that les incompetents (never heard of them) and the paddingtons (exceptionally pretty kids with a beautifully honed garage sound but absolutely no decent tunes whatsoever) were also playing. but it wasn't until about three minutes before we got to cargo she said ‘Oh and some band called agent blue are playing as well’ Wha! Wha! Suddenly the mediocre line-up turned into the best kiddie-tinged garage-band line-up ever assembled (except the others, who are still just boring old men in my estimation).
We had a drink (me: red stripe, her: cranberry juice), toasted John Peel and tried to guesstimate all the pretty young punters ages. ’12!’ ‘15!’ ’43!’ ‘shit is that Robert smith?’

Still no mp3s today either. Sorry guys. Nothing excites me; so I don’t want to subject you to pap which even I don’t rate.

Anyway, in the absence of downloads I’ve got three awesome links for you all to check out.

Hit40uk – enter the mcfly competition – see mcfly play in the universal records boardroom; I’m assured no more than 8 competition winners will be there.

Check out eminem’s new video for ‘Mosh’ or some song title to that effect (it’s how eminem works, 1st release off an album = dance style joke song / 2nd release = aggressive ‘I’m a bitch and I’m gonna rise up’ song / 3rd release = ‘but I can be gentle and heartfelt too’ song) – it’s an anti-bush/vote him out song; good vid.

And once you’ve exhausted both of those avenues waste some more of your time by playing ’iron stomach sumo columns’ when you get to heavy.com click heavy games at the bottom and then click ‘iron stomach’ (you need shockwave).

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