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bloc party and busted

October 28, 2004

Bloc party – the marshals are dead
This track was the b-side to ‘She’s hearing voices’ which came out at the start of the year; but with the recent announcement of their debut album title (‘silent alarm’) and the possibility that ‘helicopter’ will be in the uk top 40 this Sunday I think it’s worth a post. The track itself is a mellow number by bloc party standards but the intricacies of the sound and quality of song writing shine through even on an early b-side. If you haven’t heard them Check out their website as there’s a number of tracks available on mp3 there. don’t let the hype put you off.
Website: bloc party
Buy it from: amazon

Busted – teenage kicks (live)
Many mp3-blogs seemed to have posted the undertones to commemorate john peel. John peel would never have played busted, but they’re well worth a listen. best songwriter of our generation? James bourne no question – the kids always know best, don’t dispute it.
Website: busted official
Buy it from: amazon

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a post about nothing in particular

October 27, 2004

Swish-girl and I went to the others gig at cargo last night, and I wasn’t entirely enthusiastic about the prospect to be honest, as I think the others are boring self-indulgent old men, with a penchant for dramatic gestures – and how earnest! Swish-girl had told me that les incompetents (never heard of them) and the paddingtons (exceptionally pretty kids with a beautifully honed garage sound but absolutely no decent tunes whatsoever) were also playing. but it wasn't until about three minutes before we got to cargo she said ‘Oh and some band called agent blue are playing as well’ Wha! Wha! Suddenly the mediocre line-up turned into the best kiddie-tinged garage-band line-up ever assembled (except the others, who are still just boring old men in my estimation).
We had a drink (me: red stripe, her: cranberry juice), toasted John Peel and tried to guesstimate all the pretty young punters ages. ’12!’ ‘15!’ ’43!’ ‘shit is that Robert smith?’

Still no mp3s today either. Sorry guys. Nothing excites me; so I don’t want to subject you to pap which even I don’t rate.

Anyway, in the absence of downloads I’ve got three awesome links for you all to check out.

Hit40uk – enter the mcfly competition – see mcfly play in the universal records boardroom; I’m assured no more than 8 competition winners will be there.

Check out eminem’s new video for ‘Mosh’ or some song title to that effect (it’s how eminem works, 1st release off an album = dance style joke song / 2nd release = aggressive ‘I’m a bitch and I’m gonna rise up’ song / 3rd release = ‘but I can be gentle and heartfelt too’ song) – it’s an anti-bush/vote him out song; good vid.

And once you’ve exhausted both of those avenues waste some more of your time by playing ’iron stomach sumo columns’ when you get to heavy.com click heavy games at the bottom and then click ‘iron stomach’ (you need shockwave).

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john peel died

October 26, 2004

So the very sad news of the day is that john peel, one of my greatest idols, and a huge influence on the majority of the music industry for the most part of his life, has died. He was truly a great man, and I simply can’t imagine a British musical climate without his influence; the hole he has left will lie unfilled for some time.

Ok dudes I’ve been playing about with shit today cos I was well bored at work after 3 ‘o clock and found it very hard to focus on anything except making a music player. I wanted to show everyone the new dizzee rascal video for "…how u gonna havva dreem come truuuuee…?" because it is hilarious (and a great song – no denying it, you captain sensible hating freaks). however I couldn’t get real media to work in my player, so had to find another video to put in my beautiful new video-player.
so if you want to watch the dizzee video go here to watch it (via NME). and if you want to watch the video for the original mix of yesterdays posted track ‘romantic right’ by DFA 1979 click below.

watch ‘romantic rights by Death from above 1979 in my new swishblog videoplayer

Tonight swish-girl is making me go and see the others and the paddingtons. Duh.

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i love the title image for this post...

October 25, 2004

A welcome return to student debauchery on Saturday night left me in a rather compromised state during work on Sunday, so much so that I totally forgot to meet the great darius danesh, shit its 6 o clock on Monday and I still feel hungover. I spoke to a ginger mc, and it wasn’t until I woke up the next morning that I realised I’d met him before; still can’t remember where though.
Dave has gone on holiday and therefore cut off my direct link to Rory Phillips on the one week where arriving early at our disco might not guarantee entry: 2 many djs and Polyester (franz Ferdinand)!
Saw a very funny Ashlee Simpson story – she was on Saturday night live and was miming and they played the wrong vocal track – watch the vid here, and bear in mind they are meant to be playing ‘autobiography’ and not ‘pieces of me’.

Death from above 1979 – Romantic rights (Alfonzo Falcone's Love From Below Re-Edit)
This track has been knocking around for a long time, but I thought I’d post it today because I found a awesome DFA 1979 sticker on somebody’s desk at work today, and it now it’s looking beautiful on my bag.
Their website has a babyshambles.org style blog-from-the-heart thing, except:
They’re not bad looking lads either and make a hell of a racket with only a bass string and a drum.
Website: DFA1979
Buy it from: amazon

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In Love - The Subways

1. in love - the subways
2. available - moving units
3. paris hilton - mu
4. hey bunny - cherubs
5. romantic rights (Alfonzo Falcone Re-edit) - Death From Above 1979
6. helicopter - bloc party
7. modern art - art brut
8. kina - diefenbach
9. sponserships - les georges leningrad
10. wipe that sound (Mark E Smith vocal mix) - Mouse on mars
11. remember forever - pink grease
12. run to her - Five 'o clock heroes
13. you made me gay - gravy train!!!!
14. junior kickstart - the go! team
15. crossbreed - agent blue

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October 21, 2004

Went to see diefenbach with FBA some time last week, which was nice – they’re Danish and play post-YMSS prog-post rock with a bald old man theme; apart from the singer who was skinny and looked quite pretty sans opticals.
I moved house as well, got a nice white van and threw my stuff in the back. I’m a nomad, travelling the world’s desolate wastelands with my goats. But now I’ve got to go back to my old flat and do some cleaning, so I've gotta rush.

Les Georges Leningrad – Sponsorship
If you’ve not heard any Les Georges yet, and you like no-wave bollocks and noisy Canadian singing which is impossible to understand then download this and be done with it.
buy it from: amazon

gotta go mr. Muscle is calling me.

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Babies - Wives

October 19, 2004

1. Babies - Wives
2. Francesca - Special needs
3. 22 Grand Job - The Rakes
4. Good Friday - Cocorosie
5. Cool Like an axe - gin palace
6. Dreaming feat. Calvin & Frankie - I dream
7. Supadoopa - les georges leningrad
8. Manilla (zongamin remix) - seelenluft
9. Hold yr terror close - the go! team
10. scotch love - the paybacks
11. heartbeats - the knife
12. i wanna fuck you - the ponys
13. cherry - ratatat
14. hey dusty - dead combo
15. nobody's fault - mr david viner

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i dream of gin(ny)

October 12, 2004

I Dream Feat. Frankie & Calvin – Dreaming
S club juniors (who became s club 8) gain a few members, a tv show, and become I dream; however this song features only two members of I dream, the pretty ones from s club 8 Calvin and Frankie. Confused? You should be. There is clearly some sort of marketing plan in effect – perhaps by extending the s club brand so far that it becomes unrecognisable and differently monikered, they will flummox enough tweeny kids to make the charts? Or perhaps they just don’t know what they’re doing?
This track is a beautiful piece of pop magic; popjustice loves pop music which sounds like dance music, and this does not. But has exactly the type of vocal that would sound awesome over some italo house, a zongamin or headman remix would be incredible. so boys, i'm waiting.
get it quick before they grow up.
Website: I dream official
Buy it from: amazon

Gin palace – cool like an axe
Much vaunted by the artrocker kids, so much so that they’ve put out their first album. The guitarist dude used to be in penthouse (who he still seems intent on promoting). I don’t know much about them except what's available to read on their website.
They sell the same kind of noise as the kills tried to on 'keep on your mean side', but with far more energy and a lot less ego.
Website: + the gin palace +
Buy it from: amazon

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daniel ealam and all that jazz

October 11, 2004

I sadly don't read the NME anymore (just like Eddie Argos) mainly cos i'm scared people will laugh at me. but i really miss it!
So a couple of days ago i was sneaking a read of the previous weeks copy when no-one was looking, and found one of my bezzy mates from Uni, who i haven't seen in ages, at the bottom of the page.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Daniel Ealam...

but dan, HOJL, really? were we not 'getting down' to that at university 2 and a half years ago?
ooh miquita oliver's mum just walked past my desk!

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How Do You Do It? - The Little Killers

1. How do you do it? - The little killers
2. Heartbeats - the knife
3. Cool like an axe - gin palace
4. A worm’s coat - whirlwind heat
5. Supadoopa - les georges Leningrad
6. I just got paid and I can’t get laid - the rakes
7. Leaving for dubbo in a panda-bear - liars
8. Bobby - selfish cunt
9. New wave jacket - polysics
10. Babies – wives
11. Staring at the sun - tv on the radio
12. I saw a hippie girl on 8th avenue - Jeffrey lewis
13. hey dusty – dead combo
14. massive crush – the barbs
15. don’t make waves – the gossip

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flash mobs are rubbish

October 07, 2004

Yesterday I was very excited about going to my first flash mob. I'd found a little page a couple of days earlier promoting a pillow fight on the steps of st. pauls cathedral at twenty to six. I'd been offered the chance to see the super furry animals play a peel session at maida vale at about the same time, but turned it down due to pillow fighting excitement. However arriving at the event I found out that it had been featured in that morning's London paper, and as I turned the corner to st. pauls realised that not only was there loads of pillow fighters standing there, about 150 people were standing around watching, as well as police and a film crew!
to me the point of guerrilla group activities like these it not to create a huge event, into which everybody can join - it is to subvert people's ideas about uses of space, to appear and disappear quickly; creating immediate but finite art. Yesterday's pillow fight was an event, like a performer at covent garden, or a carnival with tombolas, candyfloss and waltzers. So I went home.
Check out what someone else thought about it here.

First of all I’d like to apologise for not posting any songs for a while, frankly I haven’t been inspired enough by anything to unleash it on you lot.
The barbs – massive crush Looking like a cross between kenickie and Gomez, the aesthetic of this band is a confusing mix of pop-punk neon cheesiness and terrible sideburns.
Creating the perfect two-and-a-half-minute pop-punk song is the aim, three chord structures is the game. Download this if you like to be embarrassed by how much you’re enjoying certain music (see: the Detroit cobras). Don’t download this if you’re after post-rock or grime.
Buy it from: loads of places

Jamelia – dj
Jamelia continues her ascent to the british r&b queen position. Nothing's gonna stop her. Not even an ill-advised cash-in-after-the-mobos-single.
Buy it from: amazon

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artrocker mag launch

October 05, 2004

Last night we went to the artrocker magazine launch at the fifth (I think…) marquee. We we’re too late for comanechi, but got there just in time to find out the much lauded French kicks had been added to the bill.
The marquee is a very interesting venue, it’s just above the trl studios in Leicester square, I could almost feel the presence of the great alex zane – He doesn’t have far to go from one job to the other does he, from XFM (in the capital FM building) to the TRL studios and back again.

French kicks came on, they’re quite pretty and impressively flitted between instruments and microphones, it was hard to keep up with who was playing what. However they were quite dull and the crowd realised this very early on. One or two spectators seemed enthusiastic at the start but even they seemed to tire towards the end, perhaps sensing the depressed crowd around them, or perhaps simply realising that French kicks are dull. More sad was the fact that their album was released in Europe on that day, and they were obviously were quite apprehensive about their reception. “thank you very much, you’ve been very polite. You’ve all been very polite” Was their response. Oh dear.
After the show (but before art brut) we went upstairs to the café area to have a soft drink and a sit down and we saw the white shirted guitarist/keyboardist/singer dude sat at the bar on his own with a beer, and then wandering around the café completely ignored by all the people who had just seen them play downstairs.

Art brut top of the pops art brut top of the pops art brut top of the pops. Not much else to say.

We sadly didn’t stay for kaito, but I’ve heard they are good, and the singer girl looks alright in a few photo’s I’ve seen.

Elsewhere: check out Chad’s Prague blog. if he manages to keep updating it, well, I’m sure it’ll be debauched-Dvorák-kafka-Victorian era-but with drugs reading.

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