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Little killers and art brut

September 21, 2004

Little Killers – Mind Of its own
The Little Killers have come to my attention in big lump over the past 3 days – reading the London gig listings I realised they were playing a lot this week around the capital, then dave told me they’re doing a Peel session at maida vegas this Wednesday. Then I found their site got myself a couple of tracks and was rather intrigued.
They play very angry stripped-down bluesy-tinged punk in the coolest new-yawk post-strokes east village way. They look like a cross between the BRMC and the distillers, and sound like Johnny thunders. they scream style through a vintage microphone; they will be big in the british sub-nme indie underground.
Website: crypt records
Buy it from: amazon

Art Brut – Formed A Band (XFM session)
i thought I’d post some art brut for all you who’ve written them off as show-off-trendy-bullshit, and for all you who’ve never heard of them (where’ve you been?). This track is from a session they did on XFM (London alt. (cough) radio station) a while back.
Before you ignore this post - remember, h(ot)elen scoffed at art brut originally, but almost exploded with delight when she saw them at ken Livingstone’s city showcases.
Website: Art Brut home page
Buy it from: Rough trade

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