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les whirlwind fav

September 02, 2004

‘A Worms Coat’ – Whirlwind Heat
From the ‘flamingo honey’ album where the heat glide their way through 10 tracks in 10 minutes, hardly stopping to catch their breath. This is the most new wave of the tracks on the album (and therefore most likely to be featured on this site) but is not too large a departure from certain earlier songs (although not the colours album ‘Do Rabbits Wonder’ which was pretty poor) a la ‘The Kick’ or their White Stripes cover ‘You’re Pretty Good Looking’. Apparently best for clubs if played along with the previous track ‘H is 0’ cos it sounds good, and at least you then get two minutes worth of music before you have to cue up another record.
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‘Hold on To your Genre’ – Les Savy Fav
I have a problem with Les Savy Fav. I like my bands to be monotonous, bland, introverted geeks. I like to listen to one track from an album and know exactly what type of band I’m listening to and what their entire back and future catalogue will sound like. Les Savy Fav are not this type of band. I heard one of their tracks and wrote them off immediately as bad modest mouse/sparklehorse bollocks, it wasn’t until recently (a good few years later) when randomly listening to their newish compilation CD ‘Inches’ that I heard this track and realised bands don’t have to be boring and monotonous for them to interest me. This excited me in the same way that being tickled with a chorizo might (did).
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