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Jen & Sov

September 10, 2004

Jentina – 'French Kisses'
Chav tinged, Cathy Dennis penned, gipsy pop. Jentina really raises the bar with this effort, her voice is very much more deep-teenage-smoker than ‘Bad Ass Strippa’, and represents a much more mature and dare I say hit-worthy Jentina style. In reality ‘bad Ass Strippa’ was very much a cash-in on the whole eski-beat/grime scene - putting a pretty face on front of some heavy beats and cringe-worthy rhyming. ‘French Kisses’ is only let down by a similarly ill-advised foray into pirate-radio rhymes, and Jentina’s continued attempts at this is perhaps why bad-ass (titchy-tiny) mother of the grime scene, Lady Sov, has taken such offence at jentina’s raporexic front.
Website: Jentina Official
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Lady Sovereign – 'Sad Ass Strippa'
"Jentina, this is not a dream… IT’S A FUCKING NIGHTMARE BITCH!"
Response-fightback-songs are never really as good as they should be – however this one eclipses even the classic 'No pigeons' by those sporty thieves motherfuckers. Sov is often dissed for her faux-west Indian whine, but when she’s taking chunks out of other artists, it couldn’t be better.
still there are question marks over lady sovereigns chav-status as much as there is over jentina’s gipsy-chav amalgamate – but who cares when the music is more ghetto than Warsaw 1939?
Website: Lady Sovereign Official

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