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disney week!

September 17, 2004

It’s been a busy week, and to cap it off the sudden influx of visitors here, thanks mostly to kind help from sean at said the gramophone, and Edward at enthusiastic but mediocre ("..it seems good, doesn’t it?"), caused me to fly over my 2gigs a month bandwidth limit in about 9 days. So now, rebooted, suited and upgraded theswishblog returns. Thankyou. Thank. You.

We’ve also been busy bitches with Disney week…
The swish collective descended upon swanky posho haunt Sketch for mocky’s album launch party on Tuesday. Much screams were heard to herald the beginning of Disney week with ‘Mickey Mouse Motherfuckas’; but overall mocky lacks tunes. Two or three get you up - pogo-ing, dancing, gurning - but the majority of his tracks are far too reminiscent of failed non-McDonalds, non-outer space N’sync-er, J C Chasez’s album – which really is just not good enough!
Playlouder did the business on the night, so click there to read it from their shiny lips.

The rest of Disney week was all about last night – The Disney Channel Kids Awards pow! Pop never felt so good as it did last night.
and certain people had the audacity to suggest I was in a bad mood, I had the time of my life!
the sun has some lovely girls aloud photos – none of m I c to the k e y m o u s e though.

The Noise Next Door – Ministry Of Mayhem
These young busted-alikes are triplets and sound like all the crappy American emo/emocore/screamo/screamocore/emoscreamcore/ emopopcore/popmo/screamopopemodreampopcoremo that my brother listens to. But English, and more like busted. But without the good song-writing.
actually the only reason I posted this track is because they look cool, and it’s called ministry of mayhem. Which may mean it has something to do with that awesome british Saturday morning kids show that I’ve never seen because I’m never up that early.
Fansite: The noise next door

riton - homeless
I’ve been meaning to post a riton track for a while. He really scored big in the clubs and stuff with ‘square eyes’ and his 1 hour mix cd is a fucking gem (mainly due to the inclusion of ‘paris hilton’ by MU, probably my fave fave fave song at the moment).
this track is funny as fuck, although I really can’t figure out if it’s taking a swipe at people that disrespect those smelly tramp motherfuckers, or at the scummy bastards themselves*.
”have you got 50p?”
Website: Riton @ discogs
Buy it from: Amazon

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