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cherubs and special needs

September 27, 2004

It was a rum old end to last week, trying to write copy for a fatboy slim competition whilst simultaneously trying to hold back a flood of puke is not fun. Anyways the line-up went something like this:
Wednesday - The Little Killers & The Hunches // Peel Session // Maida Vale
Thursday [morning] - badly hungover, fall asleep with eyes open staring at work computer screen.
Thursday [evening] - Thee Unstrung, New Rhodes & The Paddingtons // The elbow room, Islington
Friday - Clor & Sluts of trust // The Windmill, Brixton
Little old chad was down, preparing for his move to Prague; and the first song in today’s post is in his honour. He wrote a short story called Francesca (read it here) and so have special needs. Read one whilst listening to the other.

special needs – Francesca
They play beautifully jangley doowapdewap stuff, forming visions of the future looking just like the fifties. this is what the fonz heard in his head whilst riding his motocycle, or more believably it is exactly the sound that chad was imagining as he wrote his short story.
Website: Special needs @ poptones
Buy it from: amazon

Cherubs – Hey Bunny
I’m the eighth link down if you type ‘cherubs hey bunny’ into google because of my audioscrobbler account, which lists every song I play in itunes, which Is rather strange as I know very little about this band. This song oozes London town, skirting the line between the ‘you’re so old street’ hipsters dancing to pink grease, and the scummy followers of the Doherty who walk Bethnal green road sans shoes. Attitude all around, but it will be interesting to see which of these two bands is taken more to heart here in London, as they seem to appeal to the same audience yet have differing values.
then again, why are the crowds of London to be believed anyway? Remember that Johnny boy’s ‘You are the generation that bought more shoes…’ was largely loved here.
Website: cherubs hq
Buy it from: a shop

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