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the shape of things to come

September 28, 2004

question of the day
Stan bowles by the others is a song about peter Doherty from (or not from) the libertines.
Read example of story here or watch the video here.

Does this song represent:
A] Embarrassing hero worship?
B] Cynical use of a relationship to turn a profit from witnessing, first hand, the destruction of one of our generation’s greatest rock stars?
C] a song about a mate?

Vote now! Click comments!

Now some pictures from last week – artist shots below, and then a picture diary of last weeks events. Enjoy!

On Wednesday we went to maida vale to see the little killers and the hunches play a peel session. The little were good; the hunches despite having a flute) were not.

And then we went to a pub round the corner (which is why I felt so bad in work the next day).

Thursday we went to see thee unstrung, new Rhodes and the paddingtons but it was rubbish so we left, to go back to mine and listen to kjell.

And Friday night we went to clor & the sluts of trust at the windmill and it was good.

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cherubs and special needs

September 27, 2004

It was a rum old end to last week, trying to write copy for a fatboy slim competition whilst simultaneously trying to hold back a flood of puke is not fun. Anyways the line-up went something like this:
Wednesday - The Little Killers & The Hunches // Peel Session // Maida Vale
Thursday [morning] - badly hungover, fall asleep with eyes open staring at work computer screen.
Thursday [evening] - Thee Unstrung, New Rhodes & The Paddingtons // The elbow room, Islington
Friday - Clor & Sluts of trust // The Windmill, Brixton
Little old chad was down, preparing for his move to Prague; and the first song in today’s post is in his honour. He wrote a short story called Francesca (read it here) and so have special needs. Read one whilst listening to the other.

special needs – Francesca
They play beautifully jangley doowapdewap stuff, forming visions of the future looking just like the fifties. this is what the fonz heard in his head whilst riding his motocycle, or more believably it is exactly the sound that chad was imagining as he wrote his short story.
Website: Special needs @ poptones
Buy it from: amazon

Cherubs – Hey Bunny
I’m the eighth link down if you type ‘cherubs hey bunny’ into google because of my audioscrobbler account, which lists every song I play in itunes, which Is rather strange as I know very little about this band. This song oozes London town, skirting the line between the ‘you’re so old street’ hipsters dancing to pink grease, and the scummy followers of the Doherty who walk Bethnal green road sans shoes. Attitude all around, but it will be interesting to see which of these two bands is taken more to heart here in London, as they seem to appeal to the same audience yet have differing values.
then again, why are the crowds of London to be believed anyway? Remember that Johnny boy’s ‘You are the generation that bought more shoes…’ was largely loved here.
Website: cherubs hq
Buy it from: a shop

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Little killers and art brut

September 21, 2004

Little Killers – Mind Of its own
The Little Killers have come to my attention in big lump over the past 3 days – reading the London gig listings I realised they were playing a lot this week around the capital, then dave told me they’re doing a Peel session at maida vegas this Wednesday. Then I found their site got myself a couple of tracks and was rather intrigued.
They play very angry stripped-down bluesy-tinged punk in the coolest new-yawk post-strokes east village way. They look like a cross between the BRMC and the distillers, and sound like Johnny thunders. they scream style through a vintage microphone; they will be big in the british sub-nme indie underground.
Website: crypt records
Buy it from: amazon

Art Brut – Formed A Band (XFM session)
i thought I’d post some art brut for all you who’ve written them off as show-off-trendy-bullshit, and for all you who’ve never heard of them (where’ve you been?). This track is from a session they did on XFM (London alt. (cough) radio station) a while back.
Before you ignore this post - remember, h(ot)elen scoffed at art brut originally, but almost exploded with delight when she saw them at ken Livingstone’s city showcases.
Website: Art Brut home page
Buy it from: Rough trade

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disney week!

September 17, 2004

It’s been a busy week, and to cap it off the sudden influx of visitors here, thanks mostly to kind help from sean at said the gramophone, and Edward at enthusiastic but mediocre ("..it seems good, doesn’t it?"), caused me to fly over my 2gigs a month bandwidth limit in about 9 days. So now, rebooted, suited and upgraded theswishblog returns. Thankyou. Thank. You.

We’ve also been busy bitches with Disney week…
The swish collective descended upon swanky posho haunt Sketch for mocky’s album launch party on Tuesday. Much screams were heard to herald the beginning of Disney week with ‘Mickey Mouse Motherfuckas’; but overall mocky lacks tunes. Two or three get you up - pogo-ing, dancing, gurning - but the majority of his tracks are far too reminiscent of failed non-McDonalds, non-outer space N’sync-er, J C Chasez’s album – which really is just not good enough!
Playlouder did the business on the night, so click there to read it from their shiny lips.

The rest of Disney week was all about last night – The Disney Channel Kids Awards pow! Pop never felt so good as it did last night.
and certain people had the audacity to suggest I was in a bad mood, I had the time of my life!
the sun has some lovely girls aloud photos – none of m I c to the k e y m o u s e though.

The Noise Next Door – Ministry Of Mayhem
These young busted-alikes are triplets and sound like all the crappy American emo/emocore/screamo/screamocore/emoscreamcore/ emopopcore/popmo/screamopopemodreampopcoremo that my brother listens to. But English, and more like busted. But without the good song-writing.
actually the only reason I posted this track is because they look cool, and it’s called ministry of mayhem. Which may mean it has something to do with that awesome british Saturday morning kids show that I’ve never seen because I’m never up that early.
Fansite: The noise next door

riton - homeless
I’ve been meaning to post a riton track for a while. He really scored big in the clubs and stuff with ‘square eyes’ and his 1 hour mix cd is a fucking gem (mainly due to the inclusion of ‘paris hilton’ by MU, probably my fave fave fave song at the moment).
this track is funny as fuck, although I really can’t figure out if it’s taking a swipe at people that disrespect those smelly tramp motherfuckers, or at the scummy bastards themselves*.
”have you got 50p?”
Website: Riton @ discogs
Buy it from: Amazon

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Jen & Sov

September 10, 2004

Jentina – 'French Kisses'
Chav tinged, Cathy Dennis penned, gipsy pop. Jentina really raises the bar with this effort, her voice is very much more deep-teenage-smoker than ‘Bad Ass Strippa’, and represents a much more mature and dare I say hit-worthy Jentina style. In reality ‘bad Ass Strippa’ was very much a cash-in on the whole eski-beat/grime scene - putting a pretty face on front of some heavy beats and cringe-worthy rhyming. ‘French Kisses’ is only let down by a similarly ill-advised foray into pirate-radio rhymes, and Jentina’s continued attempts at this is perhaps why bad-ass (titchy-tiny) mother of the grime scene, Lady Sov, has taken such offence at jentina’s raporexic front.
Website: Jentina Official
Buy it from: Amazon

Lady Sovereign – 'Sad Ass Strippa'
"Jentina, this is not a dream… IT’S A FUCKING NIGHTMARE BITCH!"
Response-fightback-songs are never really as good as they should be – however this one eclipses even the classic 'No pigeons' by those sporty thieves motherfuckers. Sov is often dissed for her faux-west Indian whine, but when she’s taking chunks out of other artists, it couldn’t be better.
still there are question marks over lady sovereigns chav-status as much as there is over jentina’s gipsy-chav amalgamate – but who cares when the music is more ghetto than Warsaw 1939?
Website: Lady Sovereign Official

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omfg heartzz

September 09, 2004

most of you crazy kids probably already knew this - but i've just found out.
Seth and Summer (Adam and Rachel) are going out in real life, and are looking for a house together.
I love seth, and i love summer even more.
kiss screen here...

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V for vendetta & munk

I can’t be arsed writing big things about these tracks, but they’re well worth a listen.

V for Vendetta – 'Math-rock is not a four letter word'
Nice bit of prog stuff from a couple of years ago, nice and soft - not angry prog with loud bits a la mogwai/YMSS – quiet bits mnnn.
Website: V4V
Buy it from: Mr Lady Records

Munk – 'Kick Out The Chairs (WhoMadeWho remix)'
Copenhagen remix of this track (I had a look around and couldn’t find anyone who had posted the original, which shocked me a little), slightly less club, but more indie, with a far better bassline and more swayable tempo. Sway away (motherfuckers).
Website: Gomma

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we went to our disco

September 06, 2004

Boys and girls of The Swish collective hit the town in a very urban-electro-kid way on friday.

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les whirlwind fav

September 02, 2004

‘A Worms Coat’ – Whirlwind Heat
From the ‘flamingo honey’ album where the heat glide their way through 10 tracks in 10 minutes, hardly stopping to catch their breath. This is the most new wave of the tracks on the album (and therefore most likely to be featured on this site) but is not too large a departure from certain earlier songs (although not the colours album ‘Do Rabbits Wonder’ which was pretty poor) a la ‘The Kick’ or their White Stripes cover ‘You’re Pretty Good Looking’. Apparently best for clubs if played along with the previous track ‘H is 0’ cos it sounds good, and at least you then get two minutes worth of music before you have to cue up another record.
Buy it from XL

‘Hold on To your Genre’ – Les Savy Fav
I have a problem with Les Savy Fav. I like my bands to be monotonous, bland, introverted geeks. I like to listen to one track from an album and know exactly what type of band I’m listening to and what their entire back and future catalogue will sound like. Les Savy Fav are not this type of band. I heard one of their tracks and wrote them off immediately as bad modest mouse/sparklehorse bollocks, it wasn’t until recently (a good few years later) when randomly listening to their newish compilation CD ‘Inches’ that I heard this track and realised bands don’t have to be boring and monotonous for them to interest me. This excited me in the same way that being tickled with a chorizo might (did).
Buy it from Amazon

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