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you're looking fierce

August 27, 2004

I’ve just found a page on one of my old webpages which kinda shocked me. I’ve been used to telling people that my old band kjell have had 9 albums and loads of songs, but it wasn’t until I looked at our back catalogue in full that I realised 114 songs is actually QUITE A LOT!
Go here to view the tracklistings of every Kjell album (many of which are now sadly lost forever) courtesy of Chad.

Ooh – 28 costumes are playing in London!
--Thursday 2 September 2004 --
@ THE METRO, London
8pm until 3am, £6 / £5 with flyer

Searching for Nadia Ksaiba stuff on the web found this funny woman writing about the funny east berlin electro scene.

razorlight are playing nme's rock and roll riot tour. good job it's not called the new rock revolution tour or we'd have to start calling good old johnny a hypocrite.

A couple of weeks ago mrs. swish declared an interest to go to ‘the cock’ – I managed to shy her away from the idea telling stories about a disgustingly dirty dancefloor and poor sound quality. Now there’s no need with Fierce Girl blowing up all over the country – they look likely to become the gay Mike Skinner thingywotsit.
The vid for their [somewhat repetitive] single ‘double drop’ is here.
there is a really really funny moment in it, about halfway through - it flys in the face of the whole hard council estate gayboy look they’ve got going and kinda proves the VERy VERY CAMP gayboy theory – one of the boys jumps to head a footy that his mate has passed to him, and not only completely misses the ball, but also leaps like a jumping bean with his hands at his side – you have to see it I suppose.

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