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wierd kids

August 02, 2004

This week a number of things have been brought to my attention. One is that full time sitting down work is awesome! I don’t have to walk anywhere or carry anything, and I can listen to music and loads of other cool shit like that. The other thing is that kids and early teenagers are really, really, really scary. If Jennifer Garner really was ‘13 going on 30’ then she would spend all day thinking about Busted, or Harry from McFly, or Duncan from Blue. Perhaps she would spend a couple of hours writing a poem to send into TOTP magazine as Amber Rose from Grimsby did:
The coolest girls and the saddest boys
We’re the coolest girls,
You’re the saddest boys.
The coolest girls are Mary-Kate and Ashley,
The saddest boys are Elton John and John Travolta.
We’re the coolest girls ever to be known,
You’re the saddest boys in the whole known universe.
Maybe she would send an email to a chart show, under the name of ‘Crazed Charlie Fan’ asking if she could shave off Charlie Busted’s eyebrows and get the hairs implanted into her face so she looks like him?

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