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this isn't written in any language in particular

August 29, 2004

Chad texted me a few times last night, here's the transcripts exactly as i recieved them - lack of punctuation, spelling mistakes and all.

text 1 - 21:21
right im back stage at creamfields and its really wierd i feel like fox mulder infiltrating a top secret military base theres lots of music im just walking around and im like the only one not in uniform and people are running and theres army trucks and some guy just gave me a mushroom for a cigarette my AAA pass works on some people but not others its wierd the mushrooms kicking in peace out bra. p.s. i met some clarts last night

text 2 - 22:43
I cant see my keyboard any more the lighs are like rain ciming down a window im laughing right now everyones staring im cold my dick's shrunk i cant feel my muscles in my body its all silent then paranoid the music then safty everybody knows everybody i see lookslike somebidy i know god made man in hisown image and every persin in the world i creatwd the random people i see are looking like people i know because i creatws them if your listening to radio 1

text 3 - 22:48
Then im sitting to the right a little of stage with a vcan of red bull people keep appearing and dissapearing im scared im laughing cos im scared its no reason to laugh everyone knows im gonna get shot my face feels like its gonna implode cos of the rythem in myteeth is gre+ater than the music tell davehe gave me wrong tel layla i love her chris you can have my song books when they find a body the shuttles taking off now ggoodnighnt ladies adn germs peace

text 4 - 00:08
Im floatin higher i feel like im watching everyon in theworld from above i can see yoy hiya wheres layla there she is hi layla i wish she were besie me areyou laughing asmuch asi am and not gettig watchedby everyone for laughing andfeelin guilty can you pik me up pleadse

I do hope he's ok.

 Posted by Chris at August 29, 2004 06:08 PM |  Category: Spaz

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