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paula crying

August 23, 2004

Seeing paula radcliffe break down whilst being interviewed on the bbc was pretty sad, sure she didn’t do too well in the marathon because it was hot, and she had been training for years for that day, and yes many people in Britain hoped she would win, but she’s gone a bit overboard.
the whole nature of competition means that sometimes you wont win (or finish), and every competitor knows that and is prepared for that. She’s out there crying the next day on national telly.

Pull yourself together girl, it’s only running; it’s not as if its football. Now that would be worth crying over.

I’m probably going to trash tonight with mrs swish; bloc party are playing and I’ve never been before so I’m quite excited. It’s a bit weird because now I’ve been offered tickets for two bloc party gigs in the past two days, the other being in Liverpool next month. Apparently my brother knows a girl, who is going out with the guitarist in Agent Blue, who are touring with the ‘party, who were in ‘My Dog Skip’ with Kevin Bacon.

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