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August 31, 2004

This is apparently what the chad wrote in a notepad on his phone after he had finished texting me for the evening. It's quite hard to follow, but if you work hard it sucks you into his drug psychosis quite well!

"No ones spiked my drink i did this man made earth grwn desaster theyll find this months lter as the las text ever sent bullshit i never sent it theres people all around me light in the corner of my eyes my body shiverin slowerbut faster the music then comes to a beat then speads thensettles in the middle my legs bouncing like a needle on a vibtrsting pad drugs are bad the lights are bleeding or like rain down i window all the noise re gting confusedd people dissapearing im yawning im with fergielaylas on my lap shes stroking me theprtsn talkin dwn mu ear is in fact +bout te metres away i should right a fucking book radio1 just scarws the shit our if me my phone is nie stomach i have a keyboard thers pnly two girls but i here nine the lights warm me warn me people run or do i imagine im in speke 2004 august 23,i think im on the floor yetim siitting yo p i heee everyone conversation i see shadow are they reel or di i imagineit moves to quickly im sitting down it ioo fasr i need a piss andaonother can ofred bullth toiletis my solitude noting moves ot ssks me questions the tolet rolls make a queation mark im paranoid i helped my self and left the right money everyone know hwt noone sees me in the middl im welsh im chad valley thetents now full of chavs and there hos lots of shakingheads how am i gfetting home 6 hoursxc+caers ad cand cans look like theyveben herefor years orhit,by aholcaust or 9/11 this is fucking wied i ma lone in thisdremsyate my facefeels like im knawering on my bra+n and dont caeebefore i waslike my back achesbut my facre is tingling so utdosnt matter which made me ask about the nevus syste he didnt answer midgets everywhere lonely chairs are they minea car moves slightly im off bifg drum and bass im contrllin my self on my ow keyboard drugs aee quick chemical drotherds are quickersmoke heat no soace i love it im trapped in technology oall consuminfgpwpeoloe out of the smke massive footballs peesinal c+arpark in out you get everywhere i am spunkflying f=throufh the solar system they know what im writing they know wht im thinking theyere sitting on my shoulser thery cant theve gonein front shadoes i rly on deny and defy me make ne giggle oncemoreill laugh promice in a search office ic an see aganyetmy hands and my brain aret coordinintin im working un haldfsyet i cant catch up ill have to write slow like adad with a newcomputerthe room idbrates 80s new yorkerswlk in wolves i feel like a lion the radioator doesnt work there all southeren cats always win how can i wake in the morningthe worldscavings in new breed of englishman more look like chickens i am slowly sobering thank god slow movement doesnt leave risidual matter anymore everyones talking no mouth movement buttherereall saying ormskirk did i make them im really thirstyi want to open a new bottle of pepsi but mine doesnt seem to want to go down im gulpin and gulong but the bottle never ends."

More mp3s on Thursday...

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