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a change of heart...

July 25, 2004

I just realised that what would be nice on this site would be content of some sort. Perhaps an mp3blog like the incomparable fluxblog or the comprehensive but possibly overly eclectic enthusiastic but mediocre; but that would involve actually having an inexhaustible list of mp3s to upload, as well as the web space to do it. The idea of a photoblog also captured my imagination. Be it a gig focused one like littlepants, or holly, who is photographing herself everyday as she approaches her 30th birthday (and she’s quite fit too!), it’s a lot less taxing to take some photos occasionally, but I reckon it’d get boring very quickly. Perhaps I should just leave it as it is and simply put up a pretty uninteresting post like this every couple of weeks for no one to read.

 Posted by Chris at July 25, 2004 10:54 AM |  Category: Spaz

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