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now i want a girlfriend please

April 06, 2004

The day after The Times told millions of potential muggers, stupid enough not to have realised that white headphones equals four hundred nicker, that they were missing a trick, I saw a man striding down the street with his iPod clearly on display. White wire flailing around, polished silver glinting in the sun. Was he being thick, brave in the face of adversity, or just showing off?

I’m still so disappointed that the iPod became so popular; back in May 2003 us iPodders were special, part of a surreptitious club – david beckham and me. Now we’re both losers, swamped in a big city that isn’t ours, homesick, lost and finding solace and forbidden love in our P.A.’s. Or maybe that’s just him.

dave and i took a trip down the river on Saturday night; to the pub where they filmed that bit of sliding doors, after john hannah wins a boat race. it was quite special: steve wright had yellow eyes, dyke barmaids sang to u2, and there was a fake owl - a tawny i think. we chatted about how that now i have a job my next priority must be women; love is everything, after all. Any takers?

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