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banned from busted

April 16, 2004

Today at work I was banned from playing the busted album, both in the shop and in the stock room - which I think is a bit unfair considering that I've listened to that bloody Guns and Roses 'Best of' album at least twenty times.
Then tonight Busted were guests on the Jonathan Ross show, a brave move - the interview they were subjected to consisted of laughing at James' bare hairy legs and telling Charlie that he was 'big' (although he does seem to have put on a bit of weight, the porky fuck). Even more brave was performing 'air hostess' not only completely live, but in an enthusiastic and brash style, which in all fairness they would not get away with on the top of the pops. The guitars drowned their voices, they thrashed about the stage and ended it all by screaming, a lot - it sounded like blink 182 on a very, very bad day.
Absolutely brilliant. I knew there was a reason I loved them.

 Posted by Chris at April 16, 2004 11:45 AM |  Category: Spaz

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