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banned from busted

April 16, 2004

Today at work I was banned from playing the busted album, both in the shop and in the stock room - which I think is a bit unfair considering that I've listened to that bloody Guns and Roses 'Best of' album at least twenty times.
Then tonight Busted were guests on the Jonathan Ross show, a brave move - the interview they were subjected to consisted of laughing at James' bare hairy legs and telling Charlie that he was 'big' (although he does seem to have put on a bit of weight, the porky fuck). Even more brave was performing 'air hostess' not only completely live, but in an enthusiastic and brash style, which in all fairness they would not get away with on the top of the pops. The guitars drowned their voices, they thrashed about the stage and ended it all by screaming, a lot - it sounded like blink 182 on a very, very bad day.
Absolutely brilliant. I knew there was a reason I loved them.

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we met mcfly

April 12, 2004

Due to internet access problems (read new-found full time work schedule) I’ve now decided to write all the posts for this blog at home, and whenever I have time to get to the library, post them all at once. So from now on the blog may be quiet for long periods of time and then suddenly littered with entries, like the old adage about buses.

My parents and brother came down to ‘that there london’ over easter weekend for a long visit which was pretty cool. We played a lot of ‘balderdash’ and went shopping etc etc. The most exciting thing that happened (apart from my cupboards being suddenly awash with food) was on Saturday when whilst walking through soho my brother let out a yelp of joy as we walked past two innocuous looking skater boys, turns out they were two members of pop sensations mcfly. So after my camera was quickly passed over, the three young ruffians (my brother included of course) posed for a photo.

After the euphoria passed my brother seemed to fall into a pit of despair, dragging his feet and sulking through covent garden and all the way home, he had obviously expected to be immediately inaugurated into the band as soon as they set eyes on him. So if anybody out there is looking for fresh faced young popsters, get in touch. He can play guitar, and although not his strong point he is still a better singer than that strange looking blond lad mcfly have as their second singer at the moment.

And to finish, what was Naomi on about when she said in a recent email to me that this blog is incoherent and confusing? Anybody else out there not understand this stuff? I’m upset.

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now i want a girlfriend please

April 06, 2004

The day after The Times told millions of potential muggers, stupid enough not to have realised that white headphones equals four hundred nicker, that they were missing a trick, I saw a man striding down the street with his iPod clearly on display. White wire flailing around, polished silver glinting in the sun. Was he being thick, brave in the face of adversity, or just showing off?

I’m still so disappointed that the iPod became so popular; back in May 2003 us iPodders were special, part of a surreptitious club – david beckham and me. Now we’re both losers, swamped in a big city that isn’t ours, homesick, lost and finding solace and forbidden love in our P.A.’s. Or maybe that’s just him.

dave and i took a trip down the river on Saturday night; to the pub where they filmed that bit of sliding doors, after john hannah wins a boat race. it was quite special: steve wright had yellow eyes, dyke barmaids sang to u2, and there was a fake owl - a tawny i think. we chatted about how that now i have a job my next priority must be women; love is everything, after all. Any takers?

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