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old women and mp3 players

February 12, 2004

I’m writing this on the train back to Liverpool from London, and I’ve noticed that my fellow travellers seem exceedingly technological. Of course you expect commuter businessmen-types with laptops on the train; although perhaps not 17 inch Powerbooks as far as the eye can see! On top of that I’ve finally seen a Rio Riot - one of those monstrously oversized hard drive mp3 players - gripped tightly in the hands of a Valentino clad office dude. Sat just two seats from him is a balding, middle-aged man proudly displaying his unblemished iPod atop his copy of White Teeth. Perhaps most surprisingly (or least if you’ve already grasped the gist of this entry), only a few seats from me sits a kindly looking elderly woman bent double over her Yepp 256mb mp3 player, listening undoubtedly to !!! or Brand New or something.

Today was also my last day of three working at radio 1, which was unbelievably joyous, and not at all shatpank as I had feared. I want a real job there, and I don’t care who I have to kill to get one (there is a one in about 250 chance of this meaning you dave!).

I’ve updated my playlist (see right column) please go there, good can only come of it.

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