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i moved to london

February 25, 2004

So now I've moved to london.
I'm poor, hungry and tired; and therefore pretty happy. I fulfil the happy little picture of a London street urchin I maintain in my head, oliver twist, dick Whittington, Pete Doherty. With only 2.50 in my pocket, and not new york, I have only my abilities to fall back on; which appeals to me.
Emily and Fiona are cool to live with so far, but with them disappearing to work and school every morning before the sun reaches my eyes I feel a bit detached from them. They ask me what I did with my day, but the quality of an exhibition in Shoreditch, or what happened in neighbours is hardly something to shout about whilst they're earning 100 a day or gracing the stage. So I feel a bit stuck, lost in my own (albeit new) home, I need to sort myself out, but unemployed life appeals, and a busy zone 1 pub doesn't; a problem, without enough money for 10 cigs.
So I sit here in the offices of radio 1, all of what I aspire too surrounding me, lost, without a chance in hell of entering this world.

 Posted by Chris at February 25, 2004 02:46 PM |  Category: Life

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