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scj for pop idol?

January 04, 2004

It’s all about the local talent at the moment (in more ways than one with all the uni students fattening up at mummy and daddy's homes for the winter). The battle of the bands was the big break for my brother’s musical ensemble.
He chose the panel of judges, a pop idol cacophony of young and old: pete Doherty, Avril lavigne, thom yorke and the chad. He expected all his friends not to vote his band ‘best in show’, but obviously the rosette was theirs. The cries of “FIX” echoed for hours.
Listen to the controversy here:
register 23
[[[mp3]]] That Girl [[[mp3]]]
[[[website]]] Register 23 [[[website]]]

Sadly on the day I missed this next band; chad says they suck cock, but their two ep’s so far have shown nothing but misguided potential.
the sellout flaw
[[[mp3]]] mighty more fun dedicators [[[mp3]]]
[[[mp3]]] voices [[[mp3]]]
[[[website]]] The Sellout Flaw [[[website]]]

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