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January 19, 2004

I’ve had this constant impression for quite some time now that the best is yet to come. That somehow this relentless moratorium I find myself in is just a ciggie break before the big show, the operatic finale.
The truth is I don’t know anything about my own life. This could be it, the time of my life; it may never get better. I may be soon buying cider from bargain booze because I can’t afford to go the pub, or shouting at myself and anyone passing as I amble down a street alone, or I may be dead like that student feller from ormskirk who somehow lost himself last night. I may never again have cute, nice girls regularly texting me asking me to come out, or beautiful women simply enjoying my company; so why do I create false excuses like she’s got OCD or I’m leaving in a week so I shouldn’t start a relationship? I only ever have a week!

On a lighter note I went to the mighty register 23 on Saturday and as usual they brought the house down with their post-ironic kiddie pap.

Every kid I meet through my brother is twice as imaginative, twice as productive and five times more creative than I ever was at their age or ever will be, I hate them all.

 Posted by Chris at January 19, 2004 12:57 PM |  Category: Spaz

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