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Cherry Blossom Girl - Air

January 25, 2004

1. Cherry Blossom Girl - Air
2. Fell in Love with a boy - joss stone
3. Gulang - m.i.a.
4. Leave right now - will young
5. lollipop lady - les georges leningrad
6. better on holiday (live) - Franz ferdinand
7. undecided - django reinherdt
8. the 15th - wire
9. delivery driver - Goldie Looking Chain
10. GLC parental warning (feat. Ice T) - Goldie Looking Chain
11. New York in my pocket - kill city
12. that girl - regsiter 23
13. c'mon c'mon - the von bondies
14. vic acid - squarepusher
15. sts'ikel - hope of the states

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M.I.A. & G.L.C.

January 22, 2004

Last night Zane played two fucking kick ass songs, number one was ‘Gulang, Ulang, Ulang’ (or something to that effect) by M.I.A., the second was ‘Your mother’s got a penis’ by Goldie Looking Chain. I’d heard of GLC before, and had a few of their songs downloaded off their website like ‘Monkey Love’ and ‘Delivery Man’, but until I heard ‘Your mother’s got a penis’ I thought they were just a novelty comedy act.
The end.

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January 19, 2004

Why was there a little dog chasing Karl kennedy's car in neighbours today?

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a rant...

I’ve had this constant impression for quite some time now that the best is yet to come. That somehow this relentless moratorium I find myself in is just a ciggie break before the big show, the operatic finale.
The truth is I don’t know anything about my own life. This could be it, the time of my life; it may never get better. I may be soon buying cider from bargain booze because I can’t afford to go the pub, or shouting at myself and anyone passing as I amble down a street alone, or I may be dead like that student feller from ormskirk who somehow lost himself last night. I may never again have cute, nice girls regularly texting me asking me to come out, or beautiful women simply enjoying my company; so why do I create false excuses like she’s got OCD or I’m leaving in a week so I shouldn’t start a relationship? I only ever have a week!

On a lighter note I went to the mighty register 23 on Saturday and as usual they brought the house down with their post-ironic kiddie pap.

Every kid I meet through my brother is twice as imaginative, twice as productive and five times more creative than I ever was at their age or ever will be, I hate them all.

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Holy Arms - Eastern Lane

1. holy arms - eastern lane
2. lollipop lady - les georges leningrad
3. c'mon c'mon - the von bondies
4. 10x10 - yeah yeah yeahs
5. 'aint a damn thing changed (feat. ODB) - Method man
6. laura - scissor sisters
7. sts'ikel - hope of the states
8. when it started - the strokes
9. turn a square - the shins
10. fraggle rock - register 23
11. boys of melody - the hidden cameras
12. tell her tonight (Demo) - franz ferdinand
13. Emerge (Dave clark remix) - fischerspooner
14. heavy dale - kling klang
15. Comfortably Numb (norman cook remix) - scissor sisters

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london house search

January 11, 2004

What happened to all the low-cost, top-quality, well-located, motherfucking-cool housing in london?

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Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

1. Take me out - franz ferdinand
2. mighty more fun dedicators - the sellout flaw -mp3-
3. Holy Arms - Eastern Lane
4. Heavy Dale - Kling Klang
5. Air Hostess - Busted
6. Beat you up - ping pong bitches
7. Pink bullets - the shins
8. worms cannot swim - the hidden cameras
9. milkshake - kelis
10. jelly in ya trunk - jd
11. love is all - the rapture
12. that girl - register 23 -mp3-
13. black dollar bills - hope of the states
14. fire/sign - the gossip
15. girlfriend is worse - ex models

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prelude to london house search

January 07, 2004

Tomorrow the bargain booze boys head for the big smoke, hunting fame, fortune and pretty girls. Two journeymen, skill-less but willing to turn their hand to anything; [or] we’re scummy gypos trying to trick people into letting us have a house and have a job down south, because we shouldn’t be allowed down south because we are northern monkeys and all that malarkey. Anyway, so we go tomorrow at 5ish and we are looking at flats in poo places like dalston and hackney and stoke Newington and Shoreditch and Bethnal green on Friday. And then we come back to the ormskirk and the bargain booze and that is exactly where we will probably stay forever, languishing in obscurity as blubbering, stammering alkies until the world ends. Where we belong is at the top of the tree, the coolest motherfuckers on the planet ruling the media world, dictating style, fashion, music and visual art - pork pies and goatees for fat men (that’s just a taster of what is yet to come). We’ll rule as two kings.
I will settle for a reasonably cheap house and a job which pays the bills and nice food and everton to equalise against arsenal in the next 25 minutes.

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scj for pop idol?

January 04, 2004

It’s all about the local talent at the moment (in more ways than one with all the uni students fattening up at mummy and daddy's homes for the winter). The battle of the bands was the big break for my brother’s musical ensemble.
He chose the panel of judges, a pop idol cacophony of young and old: pete Doherty, Avril lavigne, thom yorke and the chad. He expected all his friends not to vote his band ‘best in show’, but obviously the rosette was theirs. The cries of “FIX” echoed for hours.
Listen to the controversy here:
register 23
[[[mp3]]] That Girl [[[mp3]]]
[[[website]]] Register 23 [[[website]]]

Sadly on the day I missed this next band; chad says they suck cock, but their two ep’s so far have shown nothing but misguided potential.
the sellout flaw
[[[mp3]]] mighty more fun dedicators [[[mp3]]]
[[[mp3]]] voices [[[mp3]]]
[[[website]]] The Sellout Flaw [[[website]]]

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