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December 02, 2003

As my sanity, vitality and youthful good looks slip out of my body more and more with each passing day, I have found solace in the most unlikely of places. Four years ago my final family holiday before I ventured to university was ruined by this thing (well partially ruined – I copped off with a fit girl on the plus side), as my parents, brother and gran spent every waking hour exclusively absorbed in this wholly despicable pastime. As I wandered the empty beaches and mountainsides of Madeira; playing football with local kids (I’m sure one of them was Christiano ronaldo) and accidentally going for a drink with the town’s strangely friendly paedophile, the three people I had come on holiday to be with sat at the hotel pool only moving to turn pages. At this point I vowed that I would never go down the same path, that like heroin, cigarettes and mcdonalds pink milkshakes, this looked dangerously addictive.
But now I find that I’ve foolishly ignored my former self’s warning, I have disregarded all my critical notions, and I have thrown myself headlong into addiction; there is no looking back.
Yes, I am three books into the harry potter series.

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