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poor health...

December 07, 2003

I have been drinking too much recently, which apart from making me tired and sore almost constantly, has left me with an overactive but under-perfoming brain. Random/strange ideas keep appearing in front of me, and instead of dismissing them i encourage their development. Earlier when i was hungry i decided that i should mix the left-overs from a sunday lunch and my mum and dad's 'italian dinner party' they had last night. So i had roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots lightly fried and added to a salad of sun-blushed tomatoes, olives, green leaves and a selection of antipasto; lightly drizzled with ev olive oil and balsmic vinegar. Alcohol: bad/normal food: good.

chad has quit drinking, but has not turned his back on his deity of choice dionysus as many feared he would. he still managed to find himself in my house at 4.15 last night wearing a white pinny.

 Posted by Chris at December 7, 2003 08:00 PM |  Category: Spaz

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