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That Girl - Register 23

December 30, 2003

1. That Girl - Register 23 -mp3-
2. Molly's Chambers - Kings of Leon
3. No Good advice - Girls Aloud
4. I get a Kick out of you - Jamie Cullum
5. Harry The Guitar - Dr. Rubber funk
6. She Lives in my lap (Feat. Rosario Dawson) - Outkast
7. What you say - the Beatings
8. Wally - 28 Costumes -mp3-
9. Rock and Roll Freak - We Rock Like Girls don't -mp3-
10. 1982 - Miss Kitten and the Hacker
11. tongue tied - erase errata
12. reptilia - the strokes
13. spinning jennie - beutronics
14. chauffeur - the fitness
15. There's No Fucking Rules Dude - !!! -mp3-

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this entry is crap

December 21, 2003

To bring football into this for a second, it's a funny old game. the days pass as i vegetate - some thoughts on my week.
I've worked like the drummer from def leppard at two jobs; applied for and failed to get a job in PR; got drunk with Chad;

made a prick of myself chatting up barmaids;

and some fat bird won pop idol, or something.

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Nerdy - Busted

December 14, 2003

1. Nerdy - busted
2. air hostess - busted
3. she wants to be me - busted
4. who's david? - busted
5. crashed the wedding - busted
6. 1982 - miss kitten and the hacker
7. return of the spooky driver - andy votel
8. silver screen - felix da housecat
9. molly's chambers - kings of leon
10. chauffeur - the fitness
11. that thing you do - busted
12. falling for you - busted
13. meet you there - busted
14. why? - busted
15. loner in love - busted

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chad got hammered...

December 12, 2003

Dionysus smiles again, as his number one disciple returns to the fold:

[there used to be a photo of chad wearing a white pinny over his double breated suit here]

I’ve missed out on a lot of potentially debaucherous nights recently (two 28 costumes gigs, and a scout niblett (crazy notts girl) show with swearing at motorists). So imagine my delight to find myself in a ‘rules of attraction’ style end of the motherfucking world student party last night, the mighty chad by my side restored to full health holding aloft his second bottle of wine.
I was james van der beek.

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poor health...

December 07, 2003

I have been drinking too much recently, which apart from making me tired and sore almost constantly, has left me with an overactive but under-perfoming brain. Random/strange ideas keep appearing in front of me, and instead of dismissing them i encourage their development. Earlier when i was hungry i decided that i should mix the left-overs from a sunday lunch and my mum and dad's 'italian dinner party' they had last night. So i had roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots lightly fried and added to a salad of sun-blushed tomatoes, olives, green leaves and a selection of antipasto; lightly drizzled with ev olive oil and balsmic vinegar. Alcohol: bad/normal food: good.

chad has quit drinking, but has not turned his back on his deity of choice dionysus as many feared he would. he still managed to find himself in my house at 4.15 last night wearing a white pinny.

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Bridge And Tunnel - The Fever

1. bridge and tunnel - the fever -mp3-
2. lost dog - the fiery furnaces
3. culture vulture - chicks on speed
4. secret kiss - the coral
5. delivery - erase errata
6. serious trouble - zongamin -mp3-
7. tranvestite bar - the beatings
8. four in a bed job - kjell
9. work machine - DFA
10. your life's on the line - 50 cent
11. sweet dreams my la x - rachel stevens
12. millionaire (feat. Andre 3000) - Kelis
13. Gong - Sigur ros
14. rockets - cat power
15. shirts off - armitage shanks

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December 02, 2003

As my sanity, vitality and youthful good looks slip out of my body more and more with each passing day, I have found solace in the most unlikely of places. Four years ago my final family holiday before I ventured to university was ruined by this thing (well partially ruined – I copped off with a fit girl on the plus side), as my parents, brother and gran spent every waking hour exclusively absorbed in this wholly despicable pastime. As I wandered the empty beaches and mountainsides of Madeira; playing football with local kids (I’m sure one of them was Christiano ronaldo) and accidentally going for a drink with the town’s strangely friendly paedophile, the three people I had come on holiday to be with sat at the hotel pool only moving to turn pages. At this point I vowed that I would never go down the same path, that like heroin, cigarettes and mcdonalds pink milkshakes, this looked dangerously addictive.
But now I find that I’ve foolishly ignored my former self’s warning, I have disregarded all my critical notions, and I have thrown myself headlong into addiction; there is no looking back.
Yes, I am three books into the harry potter series.

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