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Hallowe'en part 2.

November 14, 2003

Back to hallowe’en then. Drunk and sat in the centre of the barfly on one half of a pair of couches the three of us find ourselves sat opposite a large proportion of the bands that played that night, alex from franz Ferdinand, dustin from hot hot heat and Eleanor from the fiery furnaces (note: an all alliteration gig). More drinks were consumed and after a quick chat with some mtv guy about the relative merits of his ‘thank god I’m Norwegian’ and my ‘yo! Richard bacon’ t-shirts chad and I felt compelled to do something vaguely journalistic, so as chad went to get his phone which has a voice record function I introduced myself to alex kapranos from the lovely franz Ferdinand, and asked for a quick interview. As we were walking outside to do the interview chad pulled me aside, “chris, I can’t figure out how to do the record thing on my phone…” panic set in. “ok well just take notes then” I suggested not really realising the full implications of this as alex turned and indicated a spot for us to stand. “ok, thanks for allowing us to do this” I said, half slurring I’m sure. “I seem to have broken my dictaphone, so my friend chad here will be taking shorthand notes”, “he can do shorthand?” asked alex, obviously suspicious. “erm, yeah.”. I love lying.
The sad thing about doing a fake interview when drunk with a very poor way of recording what’s said is that when it goes well (as it did; he spoke for over five minutes in response to my first question) you are left with nothing to show. Hence after at least 15 minutes of talking chad and I thanked the man for his time and scurried back to the throng to see if what chad had written was legible and comprehensive; it wasn’t.
So Here’s the interview in its ‘revised-the-next-day-whilst-still-drunk-by-chad’ form:
Franz Ferdinand Alex Kapranos interview – we rock
q. what’s it like being the new thing? (or something)
a. I don’t know, a lot of new bands have got good press, and it hasn’t made them better bands. It fascinates me how the music press can influence popularity so much. When we started the band I set a rule for myself that I won’t allow press to affect me, journalists have a lot less power with something like films – it’s best to watch it and decide for yourself if you like it or not.
q. in that case would you prefer to distance yourself from the celebrity you are likely to achieve?
a. to me there’s no distinction, [then something about celebrity previously being ‘respect for the upper classes] I want respect for my music not for being a celebrity and doing the things that they usually do.
q. [something about lord byron, and how he chose to eventually shun celebrity]
a. [conversation about byron’s appearance and club foot impressions]
q. new single?
a. January
q. album?
a. album after single and maybe a live album on the internet
q. do you aspirations to attempt to ‘break’ America?
a. we’re going to America at the end of November and playing the mercury lounge, I’d just like to see what happens, there’s no big American marketing plan in action. Then we’re touring Europe with hot hot heat and the fiery furnaces again.
as you can probably see theres about 2 minutes of chat there but, although blurry, i'm sure we talked for 15 minutes; including full details of album and single releases. so let this be a lesson to all drunken gig-goers, please don't attempt an interview - especially without suitable audio recording equiptment.
next: the remaining hallowe'en stories. including irish girls, zane lowe looks in a mirror and walking with poppers.

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