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Hallowe'en Part 1.

November 05, 2003

So having finally regained sobriety 5 days later I find myself trying to articulate the carnage of Hallowe’en, and failing quite miserably. Chad had suggested it weeks earlier, but in my current state of trying to avoid nights out I hadn’t really considered it that much, as the day got closer however and it became apparent that it fell on Hallowe’en, the bands were good and I yearned to get drunk - the prospect grew in stature. “Gonzo on tour, fo’shizzle!” Chad screams from the rooftop of bargain booze. “We’re gonna rockizzle the jointizzle!” My ‘Yo! Richard Bacon’ T-shirt drew attention but no-one really got it. Chad wore the most bizarre combination of clothes I have ever seen (blue trampoline club polo shirt, red tie with a big paintbrush on it, yellow corduroy jacket) and then had the nerve to say I was the one who looked idiotic. Inside the place was pretty packed; Franz Ferdinand seemed to get a very good reception and they were my favourite band of the night. Hot hot heat and the fiery furnaces were good but don’t seem to satisfy the children of the new rock revolution as much as they should do, the strokes have spoiled us all; and maybe the words of Johnny Borrell should be heeded before it’s too late. Anyway chad chatted up some Israeli bird and then tried to palm her off on me when he got bored of her. The three of us found our way to the couch in the centre of the room, and the world closed in around us.
Shit it’s so late. I’m going to continue this little story tomorrow. Stayed tuned for the next instalment featuring: Chad takes poppers, Zane lowe loses his marbles, we speak to franz Ferdinand front man Alex, and we are sorely humiliated at table football by ‘thank god I’m Norwegian’ man.

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