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one live in brighton

October 29, 2003

Mix up central on the One Live in Brighton ticket front; Neesh wangled golden tickets made of hen’s teeth out of Nick Caley, only to find no-one wanted them. I couldn’t afford the long trip to the South Coast (my career choice of sales assistant seems to be backfiring), and Neesh herself is avoiding Brighton for a reason which I fear may involve Julie Burchill, half a gram of coke and a strap-on. So I was supposed to tell Dave that the tickets had fallen to him; but I forgot. So when Radio 1 journalist-schmoozer Nick approached him with the tickets he declined them and denied all knowledge of Neesh Asghar and Chris Gornell. “Neesh? A Journalist? Free tickets to this weeks gigs? Free drinks and schmoozing? Nah, nothing to do with me mate; give ‘em to someone else, I don’t want ‘em.”

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