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my hair was savaged

October 03, 2003

Never trust a scouse woman sporting a bleached blond Hoxton fin with your beautiful golden locks; which are sadly now reduced to embarrassed wispy tufts. Today was eventful if not altogether interesting, but to be honest if I started writing about my day I fear I would have sunken further into the mire than I could escape from. Instead I'll inform the world of my overawing desire to attend Radio 1's One Live in Brighton. This want (or perhaps miswant) to attend an event immortalised in my mind by the carnage at last years One Live in Nottingham can be expressed simply as this: I want to go. I can't afford to go.
Full Stop
Dave said I could go to one live in Brighton - but where will I find the money?

 Posted by Chris at October 3, 2003 08:04 PM |  Category: Spaz

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