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mexico review

October 20, 2003

Band: Mexico, Venue: The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool, Date: Tuesday 14th of October, 2003.
I know someone from Mexico. He has a fantastic grasp of the English language, but is able to say whatever he wants – be it odious or ridiculous – and blame it on a loss of meaning during translation. The four lads in the band Mexico also speak English, but they hail from Liverpool and have no excuses for their poor translation skills.
The initial signs were good, a slow crescendo led by a charging bass line flirted and undressed with mogwai-esque come-ons, leading us to a sticky mutual climax with everyone in the room. At the point of orgasm however, the keyboardist seemed to decide it was time to play his DAT Politiks CD, and totally spoiled to mood; worse of all the drummer started singing. Rock-post-rockisms seem perfectly viable in theory, but, like communism and home-made slush puppies, rarely work in practise. Ultimately when you add the sound of radio Deftones to the mix it becomes once upon a crime in Mexico.
The Zanzibar Club

 Posted by Chris at October 20, 2003 07:55 PM |  Category: Reviews

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