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one live in brighton

October 29, 2003

Mix up central on the One Live in Brighton ticket front; Neesh wangled golden tickets made of hen’s teeth out of Nick Caley, only to find no-one wanted them. I couldn’t afford the long trip to the South Coast (my career choice of sales assistant seems to be backfiring), and Neesh herself is avoiding Brighton for a reason which I fear may involve Julie Burchill, half a gram of coke and a strap-on. So I was supposed to tell Dave that the tickets had fallen to him; but I forgot. So when Radio 1 journalist-schmoozer Nick approached him with the tickets he declined them and denied all knowledge of Neesh Asghar and Chris Gornell. “Neesh? A Journalist? Free tickets to this weeks gigs? Free drinks and schmoozing? Nah, nothing to do with me mate; give ‘em to someone else, I don’t want ‘em.”

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October 25, 2003

Possibly the buy of the century!
eBay item number: 2958040189

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October 21, 2003

Oh yeah, and who killed indiehorse? The poor little quiet gayer didn't stand a chance.

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Read the adventures of Steve.
Steve by me

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mexico review

October 20, 2003

Band: Mexico, Venue: The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool, Date: Tuesday 14th of October, 2003.
I know someone from Mexico. He has a fantastic grasp of the English language, but is able to say whatever he wants – be it odious or ridiculous – and blame it on a loss of meaning during translation. The four lads in the band Mexico also speak English, but they hail from Liverpool and have no excuses for their poor translation skills.
The initial signs were good, a slow crescendo led by a charging bass line flirted and undressed with mogwai-esque come-ons, leading us to a sticky mutual climax with everyone in the room. At the point of orgasm however, the keyboardist seemed to decide it was time to play his DAT Politiks CD, and totally spoiled to mood; worse of all the drummer started singing. Rock-post-rockisms seem perfectly viable in theory, but, like communism and home-made slush puppies, rarely work in practise. Ultimately when you add the sound of radio Deftones to the mix it becomes once upon a crime in Mexico.
The Zanzibar Club

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Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies

October 19, 2003

Youth Movie Soundtrack Strategies kick ass! Get two of their songs here (If The Works - MP3) and here (Radio Distalgesic - MP3). High-rock from Post Wycombe.
Youth Movie Soundtrack Strategies

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home and away 2

October 16, 2003

Another awesome Home and Away post today, this time highlighting something which I'm sure you have all already realised - that the man on the horse in today's episode is in fact me. I don't want to spoil the story for anyone, but under the name Scott Hunter, and using a combination of straight-talking honesty and Aussie good looks I will sweep Danni Sutherland off her feet. So keep an eye out for me because I'm going to kick some serious ass. In related news I will be unavailable for the next 3 months at least due to filming commitments; and also because I will be holidaying in the bush with my dead wife.

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home and away

October 15, 2003

Who would have conceived that Hayley could even consider leaving blond-Beau-Brady-Noah for the witless Josh. It’s a fucking disgrace that Josh even tried it on; if I was Noah I’d cut Josh’s balls off and deposit them in his mouth. However, if I was Josh I would buy Hayley flowers because she’s pretty, and managing to steal your mate’s girlfriend is good work - I would love to do it.

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October 10, 2003

Location: Teignmouth Beach, Devon. Time: Sunset. Company: One of the girls out of BRMC's "We're All In Love" Video.
Visit Teignmouth

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my hair was savaged

October 03, 2003

Never trust a scouse woman sporting a bleached blond Hoxton fin with your beautiful golden locks; which are sadly now reduced to embarrassed wispy tufts. Today was eventful if not altogether interesting, but to be honest if I started writing about my day I fear I would have sunken further into the mire than I could escape from. Instead I'll inform the world of my overawing desire to attend Radio 1's One Live in Brighton. This want (or perhaps miswant) to attend an event immortalised in my mind by the carnage at last years One Live in Nottingham can be expressed simply as this: I want to go. I can't afford to go.
Full Stop
Dave said I could go to one live in Brighton - but where will I find the money?

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sad sad bloggers

October 02, 2003

RE: Blog. How sad do I feel? My blogging contemporaries include a "dirty-old-manga-obsessed-45-year-old-man-masquerading-as-14-year-old-goth-girl" here, an old-rock loving "artist" here, and a boring Californian female computer artist here.
The worst thing is - I'm so dull that all I can think of to waste my time on is writing about them.
Sad Bastard

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bored: some requests

Bored here. I'm so bored I can create and maintain such time-consuming folly as weblogs. I need a proper job. I need to move to London, and I need to get my life started again this moratorium has lasted too long. I wanna go to The Basement, I wanna get paid more than 4.50 an hour, and I want a Jeffrey Lewis album.

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job interview

I have managed to get an interview in a resturant this friday, for a job which I will probably get, as "a good word" has been put in for me. A job however will leave me with significantly less time to indulge in my hobby; Championship Manager 4. Among the myriad sites made for this little piece of football-nerd-heaven I found cm-fc which is fucking huge. Hours of fun.
Championship Manager Fan Club

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